Credit Monitoring Arrangement ( CMA )

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Documents Required from Directors, Shareholders
Pan Card Copy (Mandatory)
ID Proof (Any one) – Driving License/ Voter ID/ Passport/ Aadhaar Card
Address Proof (Any one) – Bank Statement/ Telephone or Mobile Bill/ Electricity Bill. (Latest-Not older than 30 days)
Passport Size Photograph of Directors
Documents Required for Registered Office Address
NOC - No Objection Certificate from the Owner of the Property
Address Proof - Latest Telephone Bill or Mobile Bill/ Gas Bill/ Electricity Bill (MUST be less than 30 days old)

    What is a CMA report?

    CMA report also knownalso is known as Credit Monitoring Arrangement report is the report showing the projected performance and the past performance of a business in financial terms. It is compiled with all the required financial ratios and metrics to help Financial Analysts and Bankers to ascertain the financial health of a business.

    Most of the Banking and Financial Institution request the applicant (Business Loan Applicant) to prepare a Credit Monitoring Arrangement report (CMA report) in order to understand the flow and application of funds in a business. A CMA report which is professionally prepared can enhance the chances of obtaining a bank loan. Under the Credit Monitoring Arrangement (CMA), banks have been permitted for sanctioning credit proposals (of large borrowers) after detailed analysis of the past performance. There is another requirement for the Banks. They need to submit the large credit proposals to the Reserve Bank of India for post-sanction scrutiny. These proposals involve working capital limits of Rupees 500 lakhs (5 crores) and above and/or term loan in excess of Rupees 200 lakhs (2 crores).

    Which are the statements covered in the CMA report?

    ts: Particulars o f current & proposed limits The first statement in the Credit Monitoring Arrangement (CMA) report states about the existing fund & non-fund based credit limits, their usage limits and history. In addition to this, the statement also contain the proposed or applied limit of the borrower. This document is a basic document which is to be provided by the borrower to the banker.

    Documents Required

    Identity Proof

    Address Proof

    Minutes of EGM and board meeting

    Registered Office

    Attested copy of the special resolution

    Address Proof

    Certified copy of board resolution

    Why do you need to get a Credit Monitoring Arrangement (CMA) report prepared professionally?

    Business entities need to get CMA reports prepared professionally because it is necessary at the time of applying for loans. This report ensures the banks that the previous funds that were allocated to the business entity were put to effective use. In order to apply for project oriented loans, long-term loans and even for enhancing the working capital limits, business entities require a professionally prepared CMA report. The banks need to see these reports every year to be ensured about the effective management of the working capital.

    How long does it take?


    Day 1-2

    Review of documents provided + Application for Digital Signature Certificate

    Day 3-4

    Name reservation application under SPICe+

    Day 5-9

    - Drafting of MoA, AoA and other required documents + Filing company registration application + DIN allotment application + Application for PAN and TAN of company

    Day 10-12

    Government processing time

    How does it works?

    Free Consultation
    • Our expert will understand your requirements
    • They will provide basic details and documents list required for              registration
    Make the Payment
    • You make the initial fee payment through secure payment                      gateway towards stamp duty and out of pocket expenses.
    Application for company registration
    • Application for company name registration under SPICe+
    • Procurement of Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)
    • Documents drafting including MOA and AOA
    • Application for Company registration
    • Application PAN and TAN

    What do you get

    Digital Signatures

    Digital signature to digitally sign the documents

    Memorandum of Association

    Defines the objective of the company


    PAN of the company

    Articles of Association

    Defines the rules of the company


    TAN of the company

    Certificate of Incorporation

    Certificate of incorporation bearing company's registration number

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